Thursday, November 16, 2017

November - December Http Injector Config


Premium USA Server
Not available for torrenting
Open for wifi and rooted Phones

Premium CANADA Server
Not Available for torrent downloading
Open for wifi/Lock for rooted Phones

Premium Japan Server
Lock for wifi and rooted Phones
Good for Twitch Streaming
Low ping.

Premium Singapore Server
Best for Online Gaming
Low ping
Open for  wifi and rooted Phones

403 STATUS ehi
Low ping 
Best for Heavy Download
Korea Server
1 Month Config

SGDO Server
Expires in December 15
Open for rooted Phones
Low ping good for online gaming


One Month OVPN App

For Smart Network
Text Super10 or AoC20

for Globe and TM

Sulitxt15 or Use Globe switch or Triangle App.

Download and Import this config.

Enjoy your Christmass, 
Next update might be next year..
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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Http Injector Configs October 25, 2017 CONFIG

30 Days
403 Status
Note: Need GS and Promo to connect.

SINGAPORE 1 Month Server
Best for Downloading
No Torrent:

Dual payload
Fast connect
Open for wifi
Open for rooted

SG Server 502 Status

Malaysia Server 400 or 404 Status

For Online Gaming ex: Mobile Legends low ping

1 Month until November 24 Gaming ehi

Until November 25 Multiple Payload

Thanks to all ehi makers in PhC!!!


Monday, September 11, 2017

Postern VPN Configs. Globe and TM Default Updated September 9, 2017

POSTERN VPN GLOBE and TM Default 2017

How to use Postern VPN App.

Go to Google Playstore, Install Postern app.

or Download Postern App here: POSTERN

Download Postern config. (prx files)

Import Proxy/Rule

Import the prx file (the config file)

start VPN

On/Off Data if not working.

List of Postern Configs.

Singapore Sept 11, 2017

Credits to Zhajlee of PHC

Credits to Z.Jaygoose of PHC

For advance Users:

Use Http Injector IP Hunt, and get this ip's

100.117/100.119/100.120/100.85/100.95/100.88 or 10.85×××/10.95××××

Globe no load default is coming, always remember, globe will open those bug sites this following months, Might be in October.

Saturday, February 25, 2017


UPDATED: MAY 10, 2017

Add this to your MGC APN:

MMS proxy:
MMS port: 8888
Authentication: PAP or CHAP

Sample MGC Speed


Friday, February 17, 2017

Injecting settings on PSIPHONE Handler tutorial

How to use APK tool for Injecting settings on Psiphon Handler

What you need:

PSIPHONE WITH HANDLER (any version will do)


1.Extract apktool to your desktop
1.a There will be a series of folders inside apktool:
Advance ApkTool

2.Place the Application to the 2-In Folder (note that you need to rename or make a one name for your app to be detected by apktool)

3.Run Advance ApkTool(Figure3)
3.a press 2 and Enter
3.b Select what application you need to decompile
3.c a new instruction will pop up and ask you to input y to proceed decompiling the app.
3.d after successful decompiling finishes press any key to continue..

4.Open the 3-Out Folder and you will see the decompiled app.(Figure4)
4.a at the upper right corner of the screen search for a.smali file and open it with notepad++

5.Once the a.smali is opened at the notepad we will be editing the following lines to inject our settings..

Line 101: const-string v1, "0" Change the "0" to "1" if you want the handler to be shown whenever you start app or "0" to just start the app without looking at your handler settings.

Line 109: const-string v1, "Smart & TNT" this is where you will input The Preference Name of your connection

Line 113: const-string v1, "" This is where you will input the Front Query

Line 119: const-string v2, "" This is where you will input the Middle Query (leave the "" blank if you dont want to input anything)

Line 123: const-string v1, "" This is where you will input the Back Query

Line 129: const-string v2, "" this is where you will input the Filter

Line 135: const-string v2, "3128" This is where you will input Add port to Non-port URL

Line 141: const-string v2, "1" Input "0" if you don't want to remove port

Line const-string v2, "5" This will be the Proxy type...Choose from 0 to 6

Proxy Type:
0.No Proxy
3.Real Host
4.Reverse Proxy
5.Dual Real Host
6.Custom Header

Line 153:const-string v2, "" This is where you will input your Custom Header

Line 159: const-string v2, "" This is where you will input your Proxy Server

Line 165: const-string v2, "Niecolo" This is where you will input your UserName

Line 171: const-string v2, "ZyberPH" This is where you will input your Password

Line 177: const-string v2, "3" This is where you will input your Real Proxy Type...Choose from 0 to 5

Real Proxy Type:
1.No Proxy

Line 183: const-string v2, "" This is where you will input your Real Proxy Server

Line 189: const-string v2, "1080" This is where you will input your Real Proxy Port

Line 195: const-string v2, "0" input "1" if you want to activate child lock code for the handler

Line 201: const-string v2, "ZyberPh" This is where you will Input the Child Lock Code in case you activate it.

6.Save the File(Figure 6)

7.Open again the apktool Select 3 to recompile the application.(Figure 7)
7a.Select the File to Recompile
7b.Select "4" to Recompile,Sign and Then Zipalign the Desired app. y to continue recompiling the app.
7d. an new pop up window will open a progress of recompiling the apk.. just wait till it finishes successfully can now close the apktool and go to 4-Done Folder to See the Injected Application.
8a.Just Install the application and view the Injected settings that you input.

Credits to: Niecolo of ZyberPH

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Thursday, February 9, 2017

ACTIVE REMOTE PROXY FOR GLOBE and TM Default UPDATE: November 18, 2017

(Dont share on Facebook wall, or atleast share it on private pages) 

Update: November 25, 2017 Port: 8080 US Port: 8000 CANADA Port: 8000 SINGAPORE Port: 3128 SINGAPORE Port: 8000 US Port: 80 SINGAPORE
 Port: 8080 INDIA Port: 80 UK Port: 3128 GERMANY


UPDATE: November 11, 2017 Port:3128 Port: 80 Port": 8080 Port: 3128 Port: 3128 Port: 3128 Port: 3128 Port: 8080 Port: 54566 Port: 54566 Port: 54566

That's all Folks.. Untill next update...


UPDATE: September 11, 2017 Port: 3128 Port: 3128 Port: 8080 Port: 8080 Port: 80 Port: 3128 Port: 3128 Port: 9999 Port: 3128 Port: 80

 Remember to change your payload settings to Request method: "Get" and Injection method: "Back Inject", in case you cant connect to normal settings


UPDATE: March 21, 2017

*New* Port: 3128

*New* Port: 3128

*New* Port: 3128

*New* Port: 3128

*New* Port: 3128

*New* Port: 3128

*New*207.154.205 Port: 3128

*New* Port: 3128

 *New* Port: 3128

*New* Port: 3128 

 *New* Port: 3128

 *New* Port: 3128

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Port: 180180 Port: 8080 Port: 8888 Port: 8000 Port: 8000 Port: 8000


Some of this are still working as of May 5, 2017 Port: 3128 Port: 80 Port: 9000 Port: 80 Port: 3128 Port: 80 Port
: 80 Port: 3128 Port: 3128 Port: 3128 Port: 3128

Try to change port from 80 to 8080 and 3128
If you cannot connect with other remote proxies, change the country of your SSH server.

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