Monday, September 11, 2017

Postern VPN Configs. Globe and TM Default Updated September 9, 2017

POSTERN VPN GLOBE and TM Default 2017

How to use Postern VPN App.

Go to Google Playstore, Install Postern app.

or Download Postern App here: POSTERN

Download Postern config. (prx files)

Import Proxy/Rule

Import the prx file (the config file)

start VPN

On/Off Data if not working.

List of Postern Configs.

Singapore Sept 11, 2017

Credits to Zhajlee of PHC

Credits to Z.Jaygoose of PHC

For advance Users:

Use Http Injector IP Hunt, and get this ip's

100.117/100.119/100.120/100.85/100.95/100.88 or 10.85×××/10.95××××

Globe no load default is coming, always remember, globe will open those bug sites this following months, Might be in October.

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